Love, sweet love…

tumblr_lz0j0zimeb1r3r669o1_500I have always loved Valentine’s Day, and anything heart-shaped – rocks, leaves, chocolate – whatever. Not just the lovey, squishy part of the holiday – although I would never turn that down – but the opportunity to show affection, appreciation and admiration to others. Life can get in the way sometimes, and I think it’s completely acceptable for the calendar to remind us to show some love …. it’s once a year – stop complaining!

Since I was a child, February 14th has been one of my favorite days. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that in 7th grade when I made my Confirmation, I chose “Valentine” as my saint name. The act of showing kindness – not just romantic love – has always made me happy.  Picking out Valentine’s Day cards to pass to classmates, and using extra red and pink paper and enough glitter to cover the entire table was enough to make this gal giddy! My only wish is that the sentiment would linger a bit longer than 24 hours. Why is it so hard to be nice? Trust me – I have to ask myself the very same question (usually, it’s before I’ve had my coffee). I encourage all of us this week to go out there and show some love ~ smile more, judge less, hug often and know that each of us are worthy of being treated WELL. I thought it would be fun for me to make a random list of things that I ❤ love ❤ …. beside the typical “my husband, my children”… list.

  1. An organized pantry
  2. Brand new folders, gel pens, paperclips – basically anything in the school supply aisle
  3. Wine and popcorn
  4. Hearing the garage door open – that means my Prince is home!
  5. Filling in a blank calendar at the start of a brand new year
  6. Getting fun mail (anything but bills)
  7. Hot coffee in a cute mug
  8. Taking pictures so that the moment is captured
  9. Laughing so hard that I cry, and having sore stomach muscles the next day – which I totally count as a workout
  10. Glancing at my phone and seeing a text from a friend that was thinking about me
  11. Watching my children learn new things and then watching them teach others
  12. The way having a lazy cat on my lap helps me to forget my own crazy schedule
  13. Seeing sun beams that shine down from behind clouds – takes my breath away every time
  14. Receiving a note from one of my kids, and remembering the notes that I wrote to my own Mom as a child
  15. The taste of salt on my lips after swimming in the ocean
  16. Rolling over and discovering I still have 3 hours (or 7 minutes) more to sleep before my alarm goes off
  17. Peanut butter cookies straight from the oven – nothing better … well, maybe one thing … but I’m keeping this list family friendly (“Hi, Mom!”)
  18. Being sung “Happy Birthday”, because it’s so much better than the alternative

Please add your own list of loved things in the comments below – come on, give me at least one … it’s fun!


23 thoughts on “Love, sweet love…

  1. Annie says:

    Since going back to work this year, I have found comfort in meal planning. I plan my week’s meals on Friday (my day off) and then shop for all ingredients. I post the menu on the fridge. I love this because this allows us to sit down to a healthy meal each night together. I also love bracelets that jingle when I write on my classroom whiteboard. Reminds me of a favorite teacher that I thought was “fancy”! This is fun…I love hearing the air brakes on the school bus when the kiddos arrive home in the afternoon!


  2. Marie says:

    Kelly, this is so sweet, thank you for sharing the things that you love. Some of the things I love are:
    I love singing at church, those songs connecting with the Spirit just warms my heart.
    I love my grandkids, and big kids giving me hugs, and seeing their eyes light up when I enter the room.
    I love when we are driving in a car I can glance over and still get chill bumps, just watching my hubby when he doesn’t even know I am looking at him.
    I love every Holiday, because they bring my family together.
    I love WATER in any form……the ocean, a lake, a pond, my inground pool, rain, or a nice ice cold glass of water with lemon slice in it, seeing water flow down a baby’s forehead when being baptized, dipping my fingers in the Holy water at church, and yes, even teardrops, happy or sad they are a sure sign of emotions. Water is fun, serene, refreshing and cleansing for me.
    I also love big red & pink store bought heart boxes decorated at Valentine’s day…..the chocolate sure, but those heart boxes say I LOVE YOU! ❤ ❤


  3. Rachel says:

    I love:
    The smell of a baby right out of the bath.
    Watching my kids sleep- nothing more peaceful!
    Getting a shower (which only happens a couple times a week these days ha ha)
    Cuddle time with all boys. .. especially my hubby.
    Walking on the beach at sunrise/sunset
    Naptime! 🙂


  4. The latest addition to my list is – writing affirmations on my wall in my bathroom! I know it sounds a little crazy, but I have torn off the top layer of wallpaper and there is still a layer of ivory paper left, so yes I get to write all kinds of “love notes” to myself and family, and read them every time I go tinkle!


  5. The new favorite addition to my love list is – writing affirmations and inspiration on my unfinished bathroom wall! I realize this might sound a little crazy, but I have torn the top layer of wallpaper off the walls, and in it’s place is another ivory layer. I have surely been taking my time working on this bathroom, and thank goodness, because now every time I step foot into my bathroom I get adorned with love notes ❤


  6. Amy says:

    I love my bestie!
    I love that my hubby is handy! We saved us tons of money this weekend fixing 2 toilets and the stinky sewage sump pump – and I helped, not cuz it smelled yummy, but cuz I love him!
    I love when my kids respond with “ok” to my directions.
    I love sunbeams, too!
    I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking and bacon – separate times, please!
    I love a hot cup of chai while I read my Bible.
    I love seeing my kids show affection for each other – I’ll also take just “not fighting.”
    I love the first kiss my hubby gives me each morning and last kiss each night.
    I love the way God gives me special friends and mentors with every move we make.
    I love watching my hubby give money to a worthy cause.
    I love babies – too much sometimes!
    I love Jesus! He died for my sins while I was still a sinner!


  7. Kathleen Rawlins says:

    A beautiful sunset ……. Anywhere….Key West….Colorado even Toledo!
    My love for my Grands & their love for me!
    Our American Flag & National Anthem….. We are so fortunate to have been born in the great USA.(& of course Fireworks!)
    The beauty of trees in any landscape….. Nurtured by my “tree lover”
    Bird lover ……. Bald eagles to tiny wrens
    My husbands sense of humor & loving caring ways.


  8. Angie says:

    I love to hear my sweet girl laugh. It’s pure music and can stop me in my tracks every time.
    I love Tom’s blue eyes. I especially love that he shared them with Abbey.
    I love to hear Ollie purr. It’s a gentle reminder to me to slow down and take a breath.
    I love sitting on my porch. Feeling the sun, the breeze…life.

    I love where these 40 years have taken me. I wouldn’t want or need anything different. Life is good. Very, very good.

    Love you! Love your blog~ so proud!


  9. Lauri VW says:

    This is really cute Jeaner. Your love for “popcorn and wine” brought a smile to my face because it made me think of long ago on Geneva when you use to love “popcorn and lemonade”. Here are a few things on my list:
    I LOVE the beach! I love the ocean. I love the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves, and the smell of the salt and surf (most of the time anyway…unless a dead fish washes to the shore – I don’t love that smell).
    I love the smell of laundry, fresh cut grass, campfires, and candles.
    I love wine.
    I love drinking wine with good friends.
    I love drinking wine with candles burning and hanging out with good friends.
    I love drinking wine with good friends while sitting around a campfire or at a beach.
    I love to run.
    I especially love to run very early in the morning before sunrise so that while I’m out running I can enjoy the sun rise. I love the sound of the birds in the morning. I love that the rest of the world is waking while I’m out running.
    I love to swim.
    I love hearts.
    I love ice cream.
    I love cookies.


  10. Kristi says:

    I so needed to read this today.

    I love that I’m alive and living on “borrowed time” because we live in the modern world – thank you fantastic surgeons, Marie Curie, and synthetic endocrine medication.
    I love my babies and their birth families who gave me the best gift of being a Mom.


  11. Michelle says:

    I love small dogs that curl up with you to watch TV.

    I love taking a nap on Sunday afternoons.

    I love it when someone else cooks for me.

    I love my Mom’s coconut pie and homemade blackberry jam.

    I love the way I grew up & wish my kids had the same relationships with their grandparents.

    I love a movie that takes you far away and when you walk out of the theater it makes you feel like you’ve been gone on a long trip.

    I love spring. And flowers. And birds chirping.

    I love to laugh.

    I love having friends that I can pick up the conversation with right where we left off.

    I love getting notes from my husband.

    I love a really good thunderstorm and how fresh/clean it smells outside after it’s over.

    I love to go….anywhere. I’m always ready.


  12. Christie Burnett says:

    I concur with your list. Nothing gets me more excited than office supplies. Glad I’m not the only one.

    Singing my heart out in the dhower, while cleaning, in the car or at a concert.


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