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Have you ever wanted to do something and were told that you couldn’t because you were too small? Sweet Lizzie understands . Read along and hear all about Lizzie’s big plans and how her Mama inspires her to enjoy her life as it is today. As her eyes open to all of the fun things she can do right now, you will be encouraged, too! Choosing to be content is a great decision for everyone.

 Have you ever had one of those days? Little Lizzie had a full day of fun planned, but then things started to go downhill. Follow along on each rhyming page and discover how being patient, asking for help, and keep a positive attitude can make any situation better. We first met Lizzie in the book  I Wish I Was Big – and she is back again to encourage us to make the right choices, even when we want to stomp our feet in frustration. A great reminder for every age!

New author Kelly Lietaert has an Early Childhood degree and has always loved writing. She enjoys strong coffee, loud music and laughing with her family. Married for 22 years to her Prince Charming, you can find her in Michigan caring for their four kids and two lazy cats.


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