Lean in…


Not everyone will allow themselves to cry in public. I have definitely been known to openly shed a tear or two. I’m not talking about a big ugly cry, but tears on the cheeks, yes. Last week at my Bible study, I cried. It wasn’t something I had planned on doing, and to be honest, it even surprised me a bit. Now that I hopefully have your attention, I’ll explain.

I’m currently in a new season of life. These birdies that I have been raising are trying out their wings and I am nervously biting my nails as I watch them teeter on the edge of the nest. With one a college freshman and one a high school senior, the milestones come daily and it’s all a bit overwhelming. For the most part, I am able to focus on the positive and enjoy this season of new found independence – I’m doing OK (until I’m not).


This particular day at Bible study, I was commenting on a scripture passage that we had recently looked up. It was Ephesians 2:10 – “For we are God’s masterpiece – created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” While reading this scripture out loud, the words caught in my throat and I had to pause and pull myself together. You see, I have always wanted to be a Mom. Knowing very little what it would actually involve, the idea of raising littles was a tad magical to me.  I felt that God was in agreement, since He blessed us with 4 stinky butt babes. But now, as my children have grown, I tend to wonder a little bit more about these “good works” that are meant for me. They aren’t so obvious anymore. I’m still busy, yes. Feeling productive, yes. But I am lacking that sense of being needed, feeling necessary – and frankly,  this feeling is not the greatest. What else does God have planned for me? To be clear, my concern is less whether or not He does have plans for me, but will I love these new plans as much as  I loved being a Mama to littles?!


I read before, that in order to deal with our pain and uncertainties, we need to lean in. What does leaning in look like? For me, it looks like sorting through boxes of outgrown clothing and pouring over scrapbooks containing pictures of years gone by. It’s sitting attentively as your senior debates between colleges , when all you really want to do is pull her onto your lap and read her a Golden book. It’s repainting bedroom walls from bubble gum pink to sophisticated grey. It’s talking with other parents about how to let go, while holding tight at the same time. And it’s tears – sometimes expected, but often an embarrassing surprise. It’s a big messy box of acceptance wrapped with a sloppy bow of denial on top. Even though we experienced these emotions just last year, we are still novices at this whole “watching your child grow up” gig. 

I don’t think anyone should ever have to explain themselves when they are leaning in. It takes a lot of extra effort and is very important. It looks differently for everyone, but is crucial for all of us. Don’t think you can skip over tough things and hope it won’t catch up with you. It will. I’ve tried to ignore things, it doesn’t end well. 

So what about you? Are you avoiding a tough situation right now? Or are you leaning in? Please know that I’m here – online if nothing else – if you’d also like to lean on me!




Hello world!

Welcome, so glad you are here! Wait! You are here! That means that someone is really reading this –  so darn exciting.  There were several moments that I never thought this would actually happen.  I patiently crazily worked out a few kinks, after discovering that unless I wanted to sell my first-born, I wouldn’t have the funds to pay someone to create this site for me. Admitting that I am “Tech terrified” is easy for me, moving past my fears of computers – not so much.  As I began to figure each step out, I have learned a few things

  • First – how to put these cute little bullet points in the middle of my first blog entry … please hold your applause until the end
  •  I really do have amazing children and friends that know tremendously more about technology than I do, and are eager to help.
  •  Deadlines are over rated – I loved being able to come and  go when ever I had a few minutes – and no one was yelling at me to publish it until I felt ready.
  • Finally- even though it made me sweat and swear and drink a bit more than I know I should – I DID IT (WOOT!). Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – who knew?!

So, once again, Welcome! I am super happy that you have stopped by, and certainly hope that you choose to come back. I can’t promise anything profound,  controversial, or especially intelligent. What you can count on, is my honest opinion and  musings on daily life – being a  wife, Mom, believer, friend, volunteer and someone who appreciates the simple things. So please, stick around – read about what makes me laugh, cringe, or red in the face. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a bit of fun.