Why walking is my favorite…

I have always loved walking. For me, more than anything, walking is a way for me to de-stress and clear my mind. It was a saving grace, that when life in general was cancelled at the start of the pandemic, my walking could continue. In fact, going outside each day and walking in my neighborhood and the surrounding area gave me something to look forward to (and also an excuse to break out of my house!). On average, my walks are between 2 and 5 miles. Each night before bed, knowing that I will be walking the next day, I make sure to charge my phone, my Apple Watch, and my ear buds. I would definitely say that walking has become part of my weekly routine.

I typically walk 3-5 days a week. Setting aside 30-45 minutes to walk is probably the most beneficial thing I do for myself. Writing that sounds silly, but I always feel better after a walk 🙂 When I’m out for a walk, I will either listen to something on my air pods, call someone to chat, or simply walk and let my mind wander. I got bored listening to music during lockdown, as my walks were long, and they were daily. I have several playlists created on Spotify, but I was listening to these songs so much, they I started to dread them. I added new music, asked people for recommendations, and even tried a few new genre selections, but still, the thrill was gone. It was about this time that I discovered podcasts (my new favorite thing!). I downloaded the free app AccessMore, and have found several Podcasts that I am truly enjoying. I also am walking longer, because I don’t want to stop my walk before the podcast ends (hey – whatever motivates me!) I now have several “go tos”, Hey! It’s the Luskos and DARE TO BE never disappoint, and I love that I’m learning and growing while I walk. Such a cool concept, really – basically verbal blogs 🤪 I think it would be fun to have a podcast – perhaps I should attempt one. Actually, a vlog would be more my speed – turn my phone on video and start talking … would you watch?

I love to catch an available friend on the phone and chat during my walk, too. My Mom is the first number I always dial – and yes, she’s my very best friend! We can talk and laugh for an hour, and it seems like just a few minutes. I am always surprised at how long our conversations end up being. How blessed am I?! Walking and talking with another actual person is my all time favorite – my daughters often come along and we catch up on all the work, school, friendship and sports tea as we log in our miles.

There are days, when the world is a bit too loud, and I choose to not add any more clutter to the airwaves. I leave my phone and air pods at home and just walk. My footsteps, birds, the brakes of a nearby vehicle, and a barking dog is all I can hear. It’s enough. My thoughts are given the green light to wander, and sometimes I come up with some pretty good material on these walks. I sort through drama, consider other people’s views, plan upcoming parties, and write grocery lists – all in my head. Considering the daily craziness of this world of ours, these quiet walks are especially helpful for my weary mind. Every walk is beneficial, but I have to be deliberate about what I need before I head out the door. In the end, I’m the only one that truly knows what will fill the void of the day.

Do you like to walk? What about it is your favorite? I’d love to know! And give me a call if you ever need a walking partner 👏🏻❤️🌟


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