March has brought a lot of progress…

March has been a great month for me to focus on my word of the year – progress. I’ve struggled my entire life with setting my expectations too high for both others and myself. The pandemic has taught me some tough lessons, but I think the most important one has been that something doesn’t have to happen the way I had envisioned it in order for it to have sentimental value or importance. Take it for what it is, and be grateful. Here are three examples of this lesson from this month alone:

1. On March 5th, I received my second vaccination. Was I hesitant? Yes. Did I wish with all my heart that it wasn’t necessary? Also yes. But I was completely grateful to the state of Ohio for acknowledging the importance of vaccinating its’ teachers, and I will now be able to teach my class of unmasked 3 year olds with less apprehension and fear of the virus. PROGRESS

2. On March 16, My Prince and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Was it as magical and romantic as every movie portrays it? Well, it was a Tuesday in March during a pandemic, sooooooooooooooo… Did we appreciate our milestone and celebrate both the good and bad of our years together that has brought us to our 25th anniversary? You bet your bottom dollar that we did, and it was simple and perfect. PROGRESS

3. March 17th was the 18th birthday of our third child. Her school closed for a week because of positive Covid cases, and for the second time in two years, she would spend her birthday at home in front of a computer. Was it the 18th birthday of her dreams? Nope. Did she have a memorable, super fun day spent with those that love her? You’re darn tootin’! She will never forget some of the wild things that happened on that birthday that never would’ve happened had she been in school. PROGRESS

None of the events described above played out the way I had originally imagined they would, and that’s OK. In fact, the lessons that I was taught regarding flexibility and gratitude more than made up for the stress and frustration we experienced. I am planning on continuing to look for the good – especially in events that are canceled/postponed, or changed due to restrictions or limitations. Acceptance is huge when control is taken away, and looking at life through the lens of gratitude is essential. PROGRESS


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