Hello, 45…

February 6, 2018. Somehow, 45 snuck up on me as I was busy enjoying myself. I’m not one to get all upset because of my age, but I’ll be the first to say that I’m surprised how fast 45 arrived. I decided to enjoy the day by doing only what I wanted to do. Most days are dictated by the needs of others, which is fine – but today I am giving myself the gift of rest. I started by sleeping in. Well, I stayed in bed at least, until after 7 when all the girls had left for school. I shuffled downstairs for some hot coffee and found some amazing hand painted signs. They were created with lots of love and hung with even more tape. They made me smile. I drank my coffee and poured over the sweet birthday wishes on Facebook.  February 6th is my FAVORITE day on Facebook, hands down. Such fun. 

I took some time to sit by the fire and finish my weekly bible study. I was immediately joined by my plump kitty who never passes up the chance to take in the warmth. She usually lays there until her fur is smokin hot, then gets up before she bursts into flames. What a life. 

Later, after painting my toenails a sassy bronze, I decided to read a bit. This day is a dream come true, I tell you! I had received a new book from my mom for my birthday (mom’s give the BEST gifts!) Kelly Corrigan is one of my favorite authors and her newest book Tell Me More has me captivated. I set a goal for myself to read more books this year, and this is already my 5th book of 2018! Woot!

Now, being as smart as you all are, I’m sure you knew I was going to take a nap after such a strenuous early day. I mean, HELLO, I’m 45 now! Luckily, I had yet another cat join me for my birthday festivities. He is usually asleep from 7am- 4pm every day anyways, so this fit into his schedule nicely. I woke up after 90 minutes next to this furball and decided to peek at Facebook again. GAH – messages from all of my favorite people… nothing makes you feel loved like Facebook on your birthday 🎉 The girls came home from school and brought me an iced coffee – what is it, my BIRTHDAY or something?!?! I read a few more chapters of my book and then finished a project that has been sitting on my desk since August. I love heart shaped things and had a collection of heart shaped rocks that I wanted to display in a shadow box. BOOM 💥 DONE ✅ I’m having a very productive 45th year so far 😬We ended the day with Panera and presents. It couldn’t have been a better day. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us! #halfwayto90


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