Worth a thousand words…

For as long as I can remember, I have loved pictures, photo albums and framed prints. My mom has an amazing wall of pictures that spans half of one room. I love to look at this wall every time that I visit and remember the people and events they captured. When I was married over 21 years ago, one of the very first things I did to help make our house feel like a home was to frame and display our favorite memories. I wanted to be surrounded by those that love me, and shared my life experiences . I’m so grateful that my mom shared her love for photography with us – it continues to be a passion of mine to this day.

I, like most people, do my best to capture the special moments. To document the children as they grow and change right before our eyes. I take pictures of pets that will not be around forever, so that when I see a picture of them in the future, I will remember them with a smile. I take a BUNCH of pictures when we travel, so I can remind myself of the awesome places I’ve seen in this beautiful world. Memorable events like holidays and First Communions are also documented- along with goofy smiling children on a random Tuesday afternoon. All of it brings me joy and lifts my spirits on the days life seems too hard. I was so happy the time one of my friends declared that “The walls of your home look like a scrapbook!”. This is exactly what I want. I love for the company that we have to look around and see all that we treasure displayed on our walls and set on our tables and shelves.

I’m amazed at the rate technology has changed since my earlier years taking pictures. I can still remember how excited I was when I went to the drug store to “pick up my film”! It seemed like forever having to wait the week for it to be developed! I’m still in awe when we attend a wedding and the photographer has the pictures from the wedding ON DISPLAY AT THE RECEPTION! What?! We had to wait almost a month to see our precious wedding pictures! Color me green with envy! And don’t even get me started with the amazing editing options available with the touch of a finger to your phone screen. I remember trying to learn how to “photoshop” back in the day – and after lots of sweating and swearing, it didn’t end well. My children can crop and edit and create videos and more. Sign of the times, I guess – and I love that they can teach it all to me, too. I would be lost without my tech support. My high school senior saved up her money and bought a DLSR camera that makes her mama drool. She has already taken two photography classes and her eye for the beauty around her is impressive. I love to share her joy as we share our favorite pictures. Each of the children do a fantastic job of capturing what is important to them in the world – and they will be able to look back at these pictures for years to come – one of the very best ways to make memories!

In the end, photography means connection to me. Connecting me to my past, to my children, and to the world that I want to memorize in all of its beauty. If I have any advice to give, it’s keep snapping those pictures – you will never regret it!



One thought on “Worth a thousand words…

  1. Kathy says:

    It warms my heart to know how precious photos are meant to be one of your most favorite things!
    Our Family wall of pictures began long ago on Geneva St & grew when we moved to a home with larger walls!! Looking at a picture takes me back in time in seconds & gives me such joy. I am thrilled that the Grands love it too…..we are leading by example……..❤️📷❤️📷 mom


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