ABC’s of Kelly Jean

I wanted to change things up a bit. I found this and thought it would be fun to complete. Let me know if you learn anything new about me 🙂

A – Age – 44

B – BIGGEST FEAR – Losing a loved one

C – CLOCK – 2:50 P.M.

D – DRINK YOU HAD LAST – ice water with lemon slice

E – EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO – I am lucky to have a whole list – but at the top are my husband and Mom

F – Favorite song – ooooh – so tough – right now, it’s “Rise” by Danny Goakey – speaks to my heart

G – GROSSEST MEMORY – any of the many times my babes had the flu and didn’t even make it *close* to the bathroom… EWWWWWWWWWWW!

H – HOMETOWN – Toledo, Ohio – good old “Glass city”

I – IN LOVE WITH – My God, my Prince of a husband, our 4 crazy kids

J – JEALOUS OF – people with hair they can control, people who don’t swear like a drunken sailor when they are mad, people with personal chefs

K – KINDEST PERSON YOU KNOW – Amy Dillingham (hey, girl!) Someone once nicknamed her “Angel Amy”, and it totally fits her sweet, generous personality

L – LONGEST RELATIONSHIP – Married to my Prince of a hubby for 21 years, 1 month and 12 days… there are days he probably counts the hours, too :/ I also have friendships that are older than 31 years (Lauri Lyn – what’s up?!)

M – MIDDLE NAME – Jean, after my Great Aunt Jeanne who was the sweetest and called everyone “Lovie” (I do that, too – but mostly because I’m awful at remembering names)

N- NUMBER OF SIBLINGS – one – my favorite sister in the world, Tonya – who laughs at my jokes, buys me gifts on Christmas Eve and loves my kiddos like her own!

O – ONE WISH – I hope and pray that Steve and I can live long enough to be an active part of our Grandchildren’s lives – attending their sports events and dance recitals, having sleepovers and sugaring them up before sending them back home!

P – PERSON I LAST TEXTED – Steve. I tend to send him entirely too many short messages and  pictures of the cats during the day.

Q – QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED – “Are you writing another book?” The answer is YES – hopefully many more 🙂 Now for the ACTUAL question I get asked all the time “What’s for dinner?” Answer : “Chicken stir-fry, go wash your hands and set the table, please.”

R – RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED – Right, but my 3rd child is a leftie 🙂

S – SONG THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO DANCE – “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING” Justin Timberlake  There is something about this song – I hear it and just have to dance …. my kids LOVE this, by the way.

T – TIME I WOKE UP – 5, when Steve got our of bed, but then I rolled over and fell back asleep until 6:30 ….. Where. Is . The . Coffee?!

U – UNEXPECTED FOOD FAVORITES – Salt and vinegar chips, fritos and cream cheese,  bagels with cream cheese and capers –  basically anything with salt on it is a friend of mine.

V – VACATION DESTINATION – Italy. I have been there twice now and it is my favorite … the sites, the pasta, the wine. Did I mention the pasta and wine? Countless beautiful things to take pictures of all day and night long.

W – WORST HABIT – swearing. Who knew a former pre-school teacher and children’s author had this MOUTH ?!

Y – YOUR FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY – I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite – Vacations, holidays and decorating for them, playing with our cats, singing at the top of our lungs to Lionel Richie, taking turns driving (under age) at the apple orchard in the fall, making applesauce with those apples and heating it up and dumping cinnamon on it for breakfast …. and MORE!

ZOO OR SAFARI?  Drive through safari – except when the animals drool on you or won’t leave you alone after you give them a carrot through your window.

So that’s it for today, friends – hope this change of pace was interesting for you to read 🙂





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