Gratitude (noun) 1. the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful – synonyms… thankfulness and appreciation.  See also – a requirement during the month of November. You know the drill,as you flip the calendar page from October, you put away your jack o lanterns and pull out your list of blessings. Inhale the sweet smell of cinnamon candles and enjoy the cute turkey memes on facebook, while listing each day what your heart is fond of and what makes your life full. I am all for gratitude, just not limiting its expression to one month a year. I challenge others to show their love, express their gratefulness and share their appreciation each and every day.

This is my chance to thank you. I love to write. I love to talk. I love to share. Having you all with me as I do these things has been just awesome. This second book has presented several  “opportunities” for me to switch gears, try plan B (C&D, too!) and focus on the positive. I have had several days of sweating and swearing, and then – being forced to bounce back – realized that things are still OK… maybe not on schedule, but OK. And sometimes, OK has to be ENOUGH. I cherish those in my life that have helped me to realize that even when my world is upside down, I have plenty of people around to help me put things back into place.

And here’s a little reminder. Being grateful is not ignoring the things in your life that are not going well. Showing gratitude is making the DECISION to focus on the good, despite the bad. We all have days (weeks, moths?) that seem disastrous and frustrating. Life lessons are taught that way – crappy as it seems at the time. Once we learn our lesson – whatever it is at the time – I pray that we share our wisdom with those who are still finding their way. Thank you again for sticking by me – the time to celebrate my second book is just DAYS away! Happy Thanksgiving ! Fill your heart with what is important and forget the rest.


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