Well…THAT’S just great…

Let’s talk about how I handle unexpected situations. And, we’re not talking about fun ones, like surprise parties  that include cake, wine and lots of friends. We’re talking about your 13 year old clomping down the stairs (while wearing flip flops) during a discussion with her younger sister and missing the last step and rolling her ankle. Good times. And this happens as we are preparing to leave for the pool. Instead, we will have an equally exciting (sarcasm) trip to the ER. Joy.

If we’re being honest, my first response was not all hearts and flowers. It was not nice or empathetic. I may have been 1) distracted, trying to sort 6 loads of laundry before we left  2) ticked at the girls because I thought they were fighting – they weren’t  3) wondering if the crying and all around agony was a bit over played. After 30 minutes of ice, elevation and not being able to not put any weight on it, off we went to the hospital. Leaving behind the others, standing at the door wearing swimsuits and concerned/disappointed looks on their faces.

We walked into the cool ER, leaving the sunny, 85 degree day behind us outside, and found a seat. Thankfully, there were only 2 people ahead of us. I praised the teen for choosing a Monday at noon to to hurt herself – apparently a slow time in the ER. Small victories.  They took us back and jacked her poor ankle around while taking x-rays. She was a trooper and we joked with the nurse and tried to make the best of this crappy situation. She spent the majority of her wait taking crazy pictures of herself via snapchat – seeing your cute face framed inside a slice of bread of sporting a mustache and beard can truly help to pass the time – even when you are mad at the world.

After 30 more minutes, the Dr. walked  in and told her it was not broken, only sprained. He told us to keep it wrapped, iced and elevated for the next 48 hours and then begin using it again. We both sighed with relief as we had already talked about how a cast on her foot would REALLY change the rest of the plans for the summer. We had started throwing a pity party where the main activity was crossing fun activities and events off of our calendar. We do realize that healing may take awhile, but we are choosing to be optimistic and hope that within a month (in time for our family summer trip) she is back to “normal” – at least enough to not have to cancel plans. We shall see. Please cross your fingers (and anything else cross able) for us 🙂

*NOTE*  This was written on July 11th. The patient is progressing well! She is walking normally without crutches and with a brace on her ankle. Although cross country practices started last week, she is choosing to take it slow and walk 2 miles a day with her mom instead for a few more weeks before forcing that injured ankle to run. Continued prayers for healing are appreciated!


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