Motivation – or the lack of it….

image        I think I am in the majority when I say that one thing I always wish I had more of is motivation. My “to do” list is never lacking, but the time and effort it requires makes me sigh – and reach for another cup of coffee. Sometimes I consider adding “drink coffee” onto my list so that I can ensure at least one thing actually gets accomplished! I am a busy bee, I like to have things to do, and if I find myself without plans, it’s unusually because I have forgotten that I had something to do. But having motivation is different than being busy. Being lazy and being unmotivated are not one and the same. I have things that I require motivation for me to do – not just available time – scrapbooking, cleaning/organizing closets and rooms, writing blog posts (!) and exercising – just to list a few. Having the right mindset is required for these activities and if I’m not “all in”, it’s sort of not worth doing it – to me, at least.

After thinking about it and contemplating why this motivation issue is such a continuing pain in my rear, I have come up with a few things that always motivate me. In figuring out what DOES motivate me, I hope it will allow me to get my rear in gear in times of below average motivation levels. {On a side note – I never really expected to write a blog post that used the word rear 3 times in one paragraph!}

  • Deadlines
  • Frustration
  • Company
  • Results {duh}

I love a deadline – a date on the calendar – expectations to be met. I love having to plan out my time and effort. It totally helps me to achieve a goal if I know it has to be done in a certain time frame. Clean the house? Ummmmm, ok. Guests coming over — buckle down and pull it together! There’s work to be done – crack that whip!!! I always get things done if I know others are waiting or depending on me.


If something makes me crazy – I have the strong desire to fix it or change it enough to better suit me.  Frustration is key in creating the energy I need to make a difference. I can usually find a way to make a change if a situation or relationship has me totally flustered. Being irritated with the way a room appears, or  clothes fit (thank you, ice cream) can always usually light a fire under me to get busy and do something to ease the negativity of the situation.


It’s common knowledge that misery loves company.  In this case – company (others working toward the same cause or end result) is always helpful. Clean the garage alone – cue the scary movie music… I couldn’t dread it more. But give me a few kids to help out and a fun soundtrack in the background, makes all the  difference. Many hands make light the work, and knowing that I will have assistance in achieving my goal will not only motivate me – it may even make me WANT to do it … Crazy, right?!


And the obvious motivator – results. Knowing that a situation or relationship will improve is the biggest motivator for me. Having a closet that is organized and doesn’t make my heart palpitate when I walk into it SHOULD be reason enough to clean it out. If this were true, I’d have done it already. Wait – I have done it before – maybe my real issue is that I’m a slob … We may investigate this option in a future blog post. Anywho – being rewarded with a smaller waist, cleaner kitchen or scrapbook full of memories is definitely great motivation.


I think, in the end, that my level of motivation is probably relatively normal. When things need to be done – they get done. Perfectionism is sometimes a thorn in my side and stops me from starting a project in fear that it may not be “good enough”when it’s finished. I need to keep my expectations in check before starting a project – I know that is a good start at least! Please share what motivates YOU – I get by with a little help from my friends!


2 thoughts on “Motivation – or the lack of it….

  1. Amy says:

    I want my scrapbooks done, but am so far behind – no motivation will help! I do like having a friend to encourage, scrap with and a great soundtrack in the back! But it’s still so hard! I used to love it, now it feels like a job that I can never accomplish! Prayer. That’s where I should start…
    Thanks, Kelly!


  2. Christie says:

    When you said company – I was thinking about how motivated I get when I know people are coming over to my house. That’s when I scour the sinks and make sure everything is picked up and in its place. 🙂


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