It’s Lent again. Really  EARLY this year, but Lent none the less. I try super hard to use this 40 days to prepare my heart, focusing on the good that I am proud of, and the junk I’d like to improve. It surely is more than 40 days worth of work, but it’s a start. This year, I’d like to share with you a verse that has become very special to me. In fact, I dare to call it my “life verse”. Have you heard of that before? A “life verse”? Basically, it’s a verse from the Bible that you claim as your own. That you memorize and use in moments of weakness, times of celebration and any random Tuesday afternoon. It’s a bit like a teeny tiny mission statement that encourages your daily walk in this crazy world. I have forever been envious of people that talk about “their” verse. I WANTED A VERSE! And now, after 43 years, I have found one. The fact that I am indecisive AND the issue with the Bible having a tremendous assortment of amazing scripture, added up to me being incredibly hesitant to pick one as my own. I also wanted something that would be helpful in ALL aspects of my life. Now, I promise not to brag about my verse, it can be yours, too! Let’s discuss …

First of all, I’ll give you the address where you can find it in the Bible. Ephesians 4:1 …

“…Live a life worthy of the calling you have received” {NIV}. You guys. This just really sums it up for me. In one sentence. I need this reminder every day – I’m a simple gal. I look at my circumstances, my calendar, my mess of a house, and I need to stop. I need to be told every day, that the life that I live needs to represent the God that I love. My blessings should be shared, my temper should be controlled, my words should be encouraging. We all have our moments, but if you can find a scripture that speaks to your heart – own it! I need to LIVE WORTHY. It’s too easy to fall short, take the easy way out, say the snarky comment. We live in a world where sarcasm is encouraged, criticism flows freely and judgement is acceptable. I want to be better than that. I pray to live in a manner worthy of the calling I have received. I am called to love, even especially on the days that it’s the last thing I want to do. I also feel like it is my job here on Earth to raise my children in a similar fashion. What better legacy to leave than 4 more loving, generous, compassionate souls? Please, let me state once again that I have chosen this verse to HELP me – to convince me that I am in control of my reactions- to look at when I am feeling like I have failed. Again. I even had a bracelet made with Live Worthy engraved into it so I could wear it and see those 2 words that will inspire me all day long.


If you Don’t have a life verse, I encourage you to find one. And know that it won’t be a quick little process. That’s a good thing… you will have this verse for your entire life! If you DO have one – please share! I love hearing what inspires others, knowing full well that it will help me, too! So go on, LIVE WORTHY !


5 thoughts on “LIVE WORTHY

  1. Beth Montanez says:

    I promise that you are living up to your verse even when it doesn’t feel like it! You are the most caring, empathetic, compassionate person I have ever met. You are truly an angel here among us.


  2. Amy says:

    Love. Love. Love this post! Looking for my life verse…so many to choose from! Thanks for every word. I always feel like I’m sitting on your couch hearing you read me every word!


  3. Christie Burnett says:

    My life verse is Colossians 2:7 – Let your roots grow down into Him and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught and you will overflow with thankfulness.

    It’s a great reminder to me that I must be rooted in His word. When I think of His words, not the ones of this world that can be filled with such vitriol, there is contentment & an attitude of graditude in my life. I am not always grounded in that, so my life verse is a great reminder.


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