Words and wisdom – hopefully…


Not everyone “likes” to talk. I’ve heard about people that prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves. This concept is fascinating to me. I am a COMMUNICATER. I enjoy listening, talking and writing – not necessarily in that order. If something is on my mind, it will usually be coming out of my mouth. Hopefully, on most occasions, I will think before sharing my thoughts – although not always. Sadly. I tend to rush a bit – get excited to voice my thoughts. In this case, writing is a better medium for me, since I can go back and read over the way my words will sound. I can honestly say that one of the worst feelings that I’ve experienced in life is the regret from saying something that has hurt someone – whether intended or not. Communicating opens the doors for all kinds of emotions – from elation to remorse. Dangerous stuff.

I talk to ask questions, make points, give directions and clarify details. I try to choose my words carefully, but it’s easy to get lazy and stick with slang or the words that our English teachers warned us about all of those years ago, such as “nice”, “good” and so on. BORING….. I love descriptive words, whimsical words, made up words like “wonky” and “fancy-schmancy”. Don’t bother talking to me with any wet noodle words that hold little entertainment value. Life is short – let’s jazz up our words a bit. Am I wrong?

The hardest part about talking is that everyone has their own little “relationship” with words. I read an article about the word “moist”…. Turns out it is one of the most despised words out there! I even asked a bunch of friends, “Hey, do you have any particular word that you just can’t stand hearing or saying ?” You guessed it – MOIST! The article did not lie – it is legit that poor moist is hated by many (but really disliked by women especially). How is the average person supposed to know what these trigger words are?! That’s a lot of pressure – and who has the time to worry about it?  Words elicit feelings – memories. Words can take us back to a specific time, good or bad. If someone who’s opinion you value speaks harshly to you – our mind takes that conversation and puts it in a steel trap. I still remember, 32 years ago,when I was 11 years old and when an adult family member called me “Fatso”. Steel trap. Also – each words has such range in its intensity. Example : I love my family, but I also love coffee  *OR*  I hate poverty but I also hate waking up before my alarm and not being able to fall back asleep. My mind is blown. And what about slang – when are you too old to use terms like “on fleek” or “awesome sauce “? From the looks I have received in this house – it must be younger than 42.  I’m starting to understand why these non-communicators exist!


So, the title of this post may have you waiting for some wisdom at this point. Perhaps I should have named it “Words and Wit” or “Words, Who Knew?”…. I apologize if I have left you yearning for knowledge of some kind. I guess I just wanted to talk about talking. It’s something we do every day and rarely think twice about – until it gets us into trouble. Some of us do it more than others – my son’s teacher called it “verbal overflow” (That’s my boy!). A few of us choose to use very creative or “colorful” words to express ourselves, rather than just the necessary replies that are expected of us. But no matter who you are, words are important. I suggest you really think about what comes out of your sweet little mouth – BEFORE it comes out. And, if by chance, this doesn’t happen, and you need to apologize… DO IT! Saying you’re sorry is crucial – and those two words are universally understood – Thank God!

words 3

Now go – call a friend, write a letter, make up a word or two – ENJOY SOME WORDS❤️




3 thoughts on “Words and wisdom – hopefully…

  1. Amy says:

    On fleek? That’s even too cool for my auto correct! We have been hitting my “word of 2016” at church this month…self control! God knew I needed it! We talked about shooting down those bad thoughts before they take root in your heart or fly out of your mouth! Good stuff – why can’t I remember it all in the heat of the nasty moment?! Thanks for your words, Kelly! I love them all! Sho nuf!


    • Angie says:

      This post is total AWESOME SAUCE. I’ll freely admit I had to look up what FOMO meant recently when my college students kept using it…oy! But I digress… Words~~~l spend a lot of time talking to my preservice teachers about the words they use in the classroom, how they talk to students, how students talk to them and to each other, what these words mean. I challenge them to create caring and inviting learning communities where communication is the foundation for success for all students. Words matter…so much. It’s not only what we say, it’s how we say it that counts. This post is a good reminder for me~ professionally and personally. ❤


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