Sacred space…


As a Mom – I try to make sure that our home is cozy. We all have whirlwind days and I truly feel like a big part of my job is giving my family a soft place to land. A home they anticipate returning to – a spot of comfort . In each room, we have been purposeful in the layout, furniture choices, color schemes and wall hangings. One friend once described our walls “like looking at a scrapbook”… that made me happy. I want those that visit us to also feel welcome and like they want to stay and hang out. Providing this atmosphere isn’t always easy – but it’s what I strive for – a peaceful home.

Now, having this so called “peaceful home” is more of a challenge than it may appear. It doesn’t matter how comfortable your couch is, if there is tension in the air. Your matching coffee mugs and adorable hand towels in the kitchen mean nothing if the family is yelling at each other by 7 am. We all have these days. With 6 personalities, schedules and individual quirks, you can bet your bottom dollar that each and every day will have some struggles. But – the home is where you should be able to present those struggles without being judged, ridiculed or embarrassed. And, as much as we love it each other, we all know what our “boiling points” are. I saw a quote that spoke of people boiling at different degrees. This is certainly true in our home. One child will take weeks before they blow and the other will have there fists up after a sideways glance. Just as in life – we need to learn to live with different personalities in order to thrive. There will NEVER be anyone just like you in how they think, respond, dream or fret. Remembering this is crucial in creating and maintaining relationships with family – and the rest of the world, too.

There is something to be said regarding the intimacy shared by family. They see our best AND worst – our faults, dreams, and daily odd behaviors. They know our hearts, our true intentions, our biggest pet peeves. They also see our puffy eyes in the morning, our rattiest sweatpants that we have owned since college, and our hair held back with a chip clip (not that I have ever done that). The home should be a place that we can let down our guard and have our mood lifted. Recently, one of the Bigs had a rough day . Said child was slamming things around in the kitchen and being an absolute grouch. One sibling asked “Why are YOU so CRABBY?!”. Which is a lovely question, if you are, indeed, crabby. “Because THIS is the only place I CAN BE CRABBY!”. This made us all laugh, including the sourpuss. But, it has stuck with me. I agreed with the statement wholeheartedly. I will admit to times mid yell when I had to pick up the phone and be PLEASANT.  The days when I don’t feel like smiling, but I do just that when I am out and about. I am thankful, that on those days, I can return home, take off my “everything is great” mask and be 100% real. Life is too short to pretend. I am blessed to have a family that allows me to be me – pure Kelly Jean – and that’s not easy to take ~ ask any of them! I pray that your home is a soft place to land as well – it’s something that everyone deserves.


One thought on “Sacred space…

  1. Amy says:

    I love the phrase “soft place to land.” That’s what I want here, too! Thanks for being so real, Kelly! I laughed at the mid-yell phone call. Guilty!


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