Too often in life, we are not encouraged to wonder “What if…?”. I think the thought process behind this may be that if we ask “What if?” , we are indicating that we are not satisfied with our current circumstances. So – is that such a bad thing?! Sometimes we need to be made incredibly uncomfortable in our lives before we dare ask these important two words. Often, that question can simultaneously open and close doors. At times, it can require a courage that we have never before had to muster. Asking “What if?” could possibly answer an entirely  different question. It can also be a creative outlet – life can get so darned serious sometimes. If you get the chance, sit and make a list of your own “What ifs” – it’s interesting where your mind will lead you and my guess is, you’ll learn about yourself in the process. Better yet – share them with me – I’d love to hear what you are thinking!

  • What if cell phones were never invented?
  • What if teachers were paid what they are worth?
  • What if it was the LAW to make your bed every morning?
  • What if we had to SING everything important – like in musicals?
  • What if cats and dogs could talk?
  • What if everyone loved their job?
  • What if we had to move every 7 years to a new state?
  • What if we could buy vans in our favorite colors like jungle green or very violet?
  • What if we had to pay a fine ($) every time we hurt someone?
  • What if we all had the courage to stand up for ourselves – & each other?
  • What if we took more chances and stopped letting FEAR get in the way of success?
  • What is everyone’s pay was a direct reflection of their EFFORT?
  • What if you had to drive for a year before you could get your license?
  • What if you could take an all expenses paid vacation every year?
  • What if ALL children respected their parents and the parents acted WORTHY of that respect?
  • What if parents with children ages 2 and under each got one night a week of UNINTERRUPTED sleep ? Yes sir, 8 FULL HOURS ?!?!?!
  • What if you TRULY didn’t care what people thought about you?



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