Find the good…

2159617446013019772gffqbBLc This is the time of year that can drive an emotional person like me over the edge. The end of the school year brings good-byes ~ and a lot of them. “Graduating” from pre school, walking through the Elementary School doors one last time, leaving the Junior High behind, and – the big Kahuna – the final days of their High School career. And don’t even get me started about dropping them off at college – I will need to be heavily medicated for THAT milestone. Summer vacation once presented itself as a lifelong friend that decided to pay me a visit, but could only stay for a short while. Now, it arrives like an elephant sitting on my chest, reminding me that I have only two short years left until my oldest leaves for college – followed 12 months later by his younger sister. I love having my birds all in one nest, but the extra noise and chaos of June, July and August whispers in my ear that it’s all short lived. One of my favorite sayings is “The days are long but the years are short”. 24 hours can seem to last forever, while we blink and our toddler is suddenly a Junior in High School. It’s all very difficult to wrap our brains around – especially with the additional guilt of not “enjoying every minute, because it passes so quickly” – Gah!

Over the last few years in our small town, we have lost several young lives – teenagers, gone too soon, due to accidents and illness. As parents, we watch and listen in horror to the details of our fellow Moms and Dads forced to continue living without their children. No more hectic pace, quiet talks, singing, laughing, teasing, scolding, dreaming, organizing, transporting, negotiating. All over. Days like these past few days, punctuated with pictures of widely smiling kids of all ages wearing caps and gowns – always remind me of one thing. No matter how hard all of it may be – financially, physically, emotionally – at least we have the privilege to experience it with our babes. Our babes that are now taller than us, with a mustache, and a voice deeper than Barry White’s – will live forever as the needy, adorable, exhausting toddler that had US begging for a nap by noon each day. As hard as it may be to allow our kiddos to move on to the next phase, it’s equally as important. {This coming from a Mom that cried this morning because she misses her littles.}

Each phase of parenting has its own difficulties. I just never anticipated this age being so hard emotionally. All I ever heard were war stories about eye rolling, missed curfews and smart mouths. Yes, we have no shortage of these fun issues, but for me, the hardest part so far – in my entire 16 years of parenting 4 children – is the “letting go” part. So – I’m not letting go – I’m just going to loosen my grip a bit. Enjoy your summer – not every minute of it – we’re too smart for that. But this summer, my focus is less phone, more family.Less tech, more talk. Less movies, more memories. Be kind to each other .As a magnet on my fridge reminds me,  “Every day might not be good, but there is good in every day.” Find the good ❤


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