The paradox of Motherhood

6e509f0745503e3a8c3f437444fe78c6In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to write a brief post regarding Motherhood. On November 6th, 1996, I delivered a sweet 7 pound, 6 ounce bundle that would cry for the next 3 months straight and change my life forever. Motherhood can only be described by one word… indescribable. Sorry to disappoint. The more that I think about the challenges and triumphs, the less I feel capable of putting it all into words. It’s a paradox, really. It’s the highest and the lowest – together – or back to back – sometimes by 8 AM in the morning.  It’s wishing you knew the right answer, praying for strength  and researching solutions until your eyes are blurry. It’s a miracle, a blessing, a phenomenon.  It’s a season, but a lifetime. It changes minute by minute, need by need, milestone by milestone. It helps to have the unending support of your spouse to pick me up when I have fallen. He will dust me off, talk me up , and send me back out to the front line. Mommy friends are also essential on this journey. You need to know women in the same boat. The same ” stinky, sticky, feels like we may be sinking” boat. These same woman are also perfect to celebrate small victories with – a baby slept through the night, a teen son got a job – WHOOP IT UP!!! Life is short, we must make the choice to live it fully, and deeply, and with all of our hearts.  Always remember that this is how our kiddos love us, too. You are enough. You are loved.


  • Exhausting and Exhilarating
  • Organized and chaotic
  • Never ending and over too quickly
  • An island and a village
  • Elation and anguish
  • Stressful and simple
  • Filthy, sticky, messy and pure, pristine and squeaky clean
  • Anxiety inducing and peace at its’ finest
  • Fun and tedious
  • What I’ve always dreamed it would be and unlike anything I’d ever imagined   ❤


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